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Our approach is Felteverywhere™

This proprietary process was developed based on patterns we identified over the last 20 years in the building products industry. Felt is helping B2B brands, in an industry where head and heart haven't always connected, maximize all points of communication by developing proactive strategies, targeted visual assets and exceptional results....propel your brand into the stratosphere.

1 | UNCOVER your brands true strength

Before you can become a stratospheric brand and connect on a deeper level you need to be aware of and act on the unique essence that is your brand. Once we partner with you we immerse ourselves in your brand culture. We gather information to analyze and understand your customer's behavior and motivation. Through competitive analysis and researching industry trends we will create a Brand Assessment to evaluate your current and potential brandhood.

2 | MAXIMIZE your points of communication

Most likely your brand has over 100 customer touch points. To capitalize on those points of contact we will create a Brand Strategy, or as we like to call it your Brand Blueprint. It's the set of plans that lays the foundation for communicating creatively, consistently and effectively across all channels. Our minds are open. Our imaginations are boundless. Our team is wildly creative. We create the visual tools that will best tell your story from logos to catalogs to websites and more. The result is a clear distinct message that performs across all mediums to effectively communicate with your target audience - connecting with them on a deeper level.

3 | BUILD your brand awareness

To propel your brand into the stratosphere you not only need a powerful vessel, but the right fuel to maintain velocity. The building phase is where the actionable items of the Brand Blueprint are executed. Awareness is achieved when all cylinders are firing simultaneously. From a healthy company culture and a strong collateral package to an on-going social conversation, building brand awareness is the catalyst for building brand equity.

4 | ENGAGE your audience on a deeper level

Engaging customers means we cause them to be attracted to and involved with your brand. They feel "part of". We also empower you to use the tools we've created to your advantage. Your deliverables can include anything from usage guidelines to site training to motivational workshops. Tools that will allow you to do your job more effectively and communicate with your customers consistently. Felt will help propel your brand into the stratosphere. Period. We live to create a sensation®.


You make (or sell) building products. We creatively craft the tools to propel your brand into the stratosphere (or seamlessly connect your messaging across all channels...however you'd like to say it).

If you'd like to be more proactive with your brand strategy, more targeted with your marketing - if you're ready to significantly grow your brand's market share - let's make that happen. Contact us for a no-strings-attached consultation.